About Jayne



I am a qualified and experienced teacher, counsellor and equine facilitated therapist. My passion for horses started at a young age and I spent all my free time helping at a local riding school. When I was 18, I finally became the proud owner of my first horse, Kerry. We were inseparable, and he even accompanied me to university!

Kerry was followed by Frost, April and Jellybean (Beanie). But when Beanie had to be destroyed, I made the rash decision to break all ties with the world of horses and engrossed myself in my teaching career. Unfortunately, in 2002 when I fell ill with M.E/CFS, I had to take early retirement.

As I began to recover, I retrained as a counsellor and it was when I began exploring animal assisted therapies that horses came back into my life. Whilst participating in a 2 day Equine Assisted Learning workshop near Bristol, I realised how much I had lost by breaking my contact with these magnificent animals. Just being around horses again lifted my spirits and physically transformed my M.E symptoms. I felt drawn to combine my teaching and counselling experience with my reignited love of horses and, after further specialised training, Active Listening was born.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my website and that you may feel inspired to experience for yourself the myriad gifts that horses have to offer us.