Here are a few extracts from feedback sent to me by participants in Active Listening workshops


“I feel that the possibilities for therapeutic work are limitless, with such experiential work having the potential to highlight beliefs, values and behaviours which may be limiting an individual.  I found the experience of relatedness with the herd to be nourishing and esteem building and see how such experiences could be healing, particularly for issues around trauma or attachment.” 

J. Fowler

“Working experientially with the horses enabled me to access a depth of feeling very quickly. My contact with the horses was reaffirming, there’s nothing more wonderful than being responded to in a positive manner. I love their reflective nature. It left me with a stronger sense of myself within a group setting, giving me much food for thought.” 

M. Troostwyk

“Honestly, I really got a lot out of the day - in fact I was amazed at what came up for me in terms of personal reflection and how much I grew and developed as a result of my experiences with the horses that day……… Thank-you in no small part for facilitating what feels like a real turning point in my life.  Not sure where it is leading me, but you know what, I'm open to letting it unfold and persevere in faith….”

M. Anueylas-Tann


“Thank you for yesterday.

I am still bowled over by my experience of the day.

I retain an enormous sense of calm.  I would endorse equine therapy as being a beneficial experience for anyone.

I have discovered something new and very valuable.”

C. Sutcliffe